About Our Company

Culture that Embraces New Technologies

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be the strategic partner of choice for Advanced & Efficient LED lighting solution, Emergency lighting System, Lighting Control System, Central Battery System, Wiring Devices, Building Management System, Fire Protection System, CCTV System & Access Control. Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems for a green light future.

  • Continuously research LED and Conventional new lighting technologies and products.
  • Incubate the technical team on the usage and operations of the new technology.
  • Be the first to introduce new LED products into the Saudi market and gain first entrant advantage over the competition.

We Thrive On Challenging Projects That Produce Bigger Rewards

Arclight Alliance Co. Ltd.

Understanding the Local Culture & Market Needs. At Arclight, when it comes to understanding the local culture & market needs, there are a number of factors to consider, one of the most important being cultural considerations related to the deal and region of expansion.

  • Arclight developed a through understanding of the lighting market needs across the region through the long presence of its staff in the market.
  • Arclight possesses a deep knowledge in traditional and modern architectural designs common in the regions as well as the materials used.
  • Arclight understands the people of the region and their needs in a way that enables our company to select the right lighting for the right project and places.

Long number of year in the field

Expertise in establishing and expanding lighting companies

Proven capability of growing the company market share

Long term strategy

Company Organization

Arclight Alliance Co. Ltd.