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ARCLIGHT is leading the way, as one of the first companies in the region to take advantage of LED lighting by offering it’s customers the unique the ability to enjoy this dramatic improvement in lighting performance with reduced costs. LED VISION, is a special department that operates within the ARCLIGHT company focusing solely on LED lighting and ways to deploy it depending on the nature of your project.

After many years of faithful service, the traditional bulb is giving its way to new technologies that do not pollute, do not heat, and do not need maintenance and save energy.

ARCLIGHT is specialized in LED lighting technology.

Arclight Business

Maintain its position by creating a successful partnership with customers throughout the projects. Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding expectations.

Arclight Offers

Extensive services to customers because it sells a complete solution. ARCLIGHT sales staff will act as the customer’s lighting consultant in order to provide products that fulfills client needs.

Arclight Products

The warranties vary in duration based on the product and the manufacturer. Also, ARCLIGHT provides extended warranty services and free delivery for large orders in major Saudi cities.

We Deliver Compelling LED Lighting Experience

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