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We Offer a variety of Products & Services to suite client needs.

ARCLIGHT is leading the way, as one of the first companies in the region to take advantage of LED lighting by offering it’s customers the unique the ability to enjoy this dramatic improvement in lighting performance with reduced costs. LED VISION, is a special department that operates within the ARCLIGHT company focusing solely on LED lighting and ways to deploy it depending on the nature of your project.

After many years of faithful service, the traditional bulb is giving its way to new technologies that do not pollute, do not heat, and do not need maintenance and save energy.
ARCLIGHT is specialized in LED lighting technology.

Arclight Business

Maintain its position by creating a successful partnership with customers throughout the projects. Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding expectations.

Arclight Offers

Extensive services to customers because it sells a complete solution. ARCLIGHT sales staff will act as the customer’s lighting consultant in order to provide products that fulfills client needs.

Arclight Products

The warranties vary in duration based on the product and the manufacturer. Also, ARCLIGHT provides extended warranty services and free delivery for large orders in major Saudi cities.

We Deliver Compelling LED Lighting Experience

External Lighting

Arclight offers external decorative lighting to use for your home, landscape, exteriors and pathways. Some of the decorative external lighting categories Arclight provides are:

1. Step and Ramp Light
2. Sports Lighting
3. Bollards
4. Special Projectors
5. Down Lights
6. Special Projection
7. Special Wall Projection Flood Lights (Customs Themes)
8. Street Lights
9. Walk Over Lights
10. Linear Floor & Wall Lighting (LED & Florescent)
11. Step Lighting
12. Special Effects Lighting
13. Light Poles (Classical & Modern Concept)
14. Special Lighting – Stainless Steel
15. Special Lighting in Marble Cladding
16. Cold Cathode Lighting
17. Vandal Proof Lighting
18. Explosion Proof Lighting

Emergency Lighting

Emergency and directive lights with pictograms should indicate emergency exits and escape routes, without dominating the space. ARCLIGHT offers a complete range of emergency lights.

Different dimensions and various equipments of lighting sources and back up batteries can be installed easily on walls and ceilings. ARCLIGHT has available special and technical emergency lighting differing from the traditional emergency lighting.

LED Lighting

Nowadays, smart lighting means giving life to reality using low-energy-consumption/high-efficiency technologies, while aiming to enrich the object to be viewed.

After many years of faithful service, the traditional bulb is giving its way to new technologies that do not pollute, do not heat, and do not need maintenance and save energy.

LED lights have long lifespan, small dimensions, and different colors. Whether for interior or exterior, for decorative or functional lighting: LED lights fit everywhere.

ARCLIGHT is a pioneer in designing and deploying environments with LED lights, we offer a superb selection of LED lighting that will enrich your home and work atmosphere.

LED lights provided by ARCLIGHT are created with a particular focus on TECHNICAL details, creative CONCEPT and modern DESIGN. Small volumes and innovative power supply technologies are other features of this type of lighting.

Fiber Optic Lighting

Fiber Optics are ideal for ground mounted up-lights offering low heat output, rugged durability, and efficiency. Fiber Optics lights provided by ARCLIGHT are powerful enough to illuminate domes, swimming-poles, fountains, monuments, trees, and architectural elements just as well as traditional sources. Choose from spot “SP” or narrow flood “NF” light distributions.

Lighting Control System

ARCLIGHT is now offering its clients a wide range of dimmers to control the lighting levels on all their light fixtures, to suit every mood and situation. Dimmer switches save energy too. This prolongs the life of each light fixture for many years to come.

Our engineers have extensive technical knowledge of these systems backed with the long experience of major dimming and control system manufacturers who have been producing dimmers and control systems for more than 35 years.

We have a wide selection of dimmers, lighting controls, wall plates and dimming switches in stock and ready to ship. So get in touch with us and discover how our dimming solutions can work for you.

Lighting Control Systems are used in most modern buildings and is suitable for all dimming needs, Whether it is a single room with a small area or a complete multi floor building, ARCLIGHT has the expertise in deploying this technology to satisfy your needs. Products are available in a wide range from manual wall box dimmers to complete integrated control systems.

Decorative Lighting

ARCLIGHT provides a high quality range of decorative lighting fixtures in order to satisfy clients demands. Decorative lighting comes with all types of architecture and can be integrated in different ceiling openings and widths. They can be moved, oriented and focused for the realization of fascinating light solutions and charming atmosphere. This type of lighting can be used in residential spaces, in public areas as well as in work places; they can become an integral part of architecture or underline it with accomplished light shades.

Decorative lighting is essential to any architect, interior designer and decorator.

Some of the decorative lighting categories ARCLIGHT provides are:

1. Chandeliers (murano glass, iron, albster, crystal)
2. Wall lights & Sconces
3. Table Lamps
4. Desk Lamps
5. Floor Lamps
6. Lighting Objects
7. Fixture Lights
8. Pendants
9. Customs Made Lanterns
10. Hanging Lanterns
11. Special Made Glass Element
12. Special Made Glass Themes
13. Floor Tiles Lighting
14. Ceiling Panels Lighting
15. Wall Panels Lighting
16. Special Applications or Request.

Technical Lighting

ARCLIGHT offers special type of lighting that can be customized based on the nature of environment that is required. the Lens can be adjusted to give a special affect to the area and the angle of the light can be adjusted to suite the location it lights. In addition, the focus of the light can adjusted from focused to less focused.

Some of the technical lighting categories ARCLIGHT provides are:

1. Down lights (recessed & surface)
2. Linear Lighting (wall and cieling)
3. High bays & pendants
4. Standard florescent lights (T5, T8, Compact florescent)
5. Office lighting
6. Hospital Lighting
7. Special application
8. Public area lighting
9. Retail lighting
10. Cold cathode lighting
11. Industrial lighting

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